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New cabber release!
by Winnetou22 (05/06/2004)
It's comming with new features, and with news bugs ;-)
Try it, and tell me your experiences!!!

new ui, can add/delete contacts, popups, improved XML parser, new code (more clean), multilanguage...

Cabber return soon...
by Winnetou22 (06/08/2003)
I'm working again on Cabber, so i hope that the next release will be soon, the v0.5.0 is in the toaster ;-)

Stupid mistake, i wrote 0.9.0 instead of 0.5.0, sorry!

Cabber have logo!
by Winnetou22 (10/15/2002)
Yes!, Ralph Slooten sent to me a logo, so... it will be cabber logo!.
Thanks to Ralph, for bugs reports and for the logo.
Test-6 is comming soon!!! Bye!

by Winnetou22 (10/10/2002)
I have decided to redirect my downloads page to
Sorry. I have not time to update my downloads page.

P.S.: cabber logo?? Please, cabber need a logo!

Release 0.4.0-test5
by Winnetou22 (10/07/2002)
In this version, i added utf8 support. Cursor bug fixed as well. Added default color to make cabber transparent in terminals emulators, as Eterm or Aterm. I hope add sound in the next release. The inputline editor... soon. Thanks.

Another version!
by Winnetou22 (10/02/2002)
You must upgrade to this version. If you contacts list is huge, with the test1 version you only can view a few of them. The bug has been corrected (i hope!). I have 24 contacts and i have not problem to see the entire roster... but... who know?. Ok, you have the file in downloads section. Bye!

New version of cabber
by Winnetou22 (09/30/2002)
Cabber 0.4.0-test1 is out. You can found it in downloads section. This release is not the definitive version, also is a bit unstable... but i want to know yours impressions about it... Please, email me if you discover any bug, or if you have any suggestion.
One more time, sorry for my english... Thanks.

Hardware Problem
by Winnetou22 (09/15/2002)
Due to an hardware problem, my motherboard crashed, the next release of cabber will be delayed a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience, and sorry for my english!!!

note: donations are welcome!

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